amk » WARNING TO ALL NEw/NOT-SO-NEWCOMERS: This blog is best viewed in IE. Sorry, I suck at editing.
Sanna » *watches you edit*
amk » haha, no problem. be totally honest though! are the colors downright scary? i think i might use a similar layout but change the colors to maybe a black/white/teal sort of thing, for simplicity.
RebecCat » that was not necesarily meant as a criticism, just as unfamiliar and unexpected
RebecCat » aaaaahhhhh! I opened this and I immediately thought thought, did I type in the wrong URL?? Checked it, no... that's right... Oh. The tagboard says amk. Therefore this is after all Ayelet's blog.
amk » Thanks!! I'm thinking of toning it down a bit...people have told me that it's a bit over the top. I might try some different color schemes with the same basic design...
terka » ooooo. good luck with the surgery! i like the colors so far
amk » KENNY!!! Haha..good times with*crazy* scatter. That's what happens when you have a Shabbos hangover!!
Jon Kohen » tbqr- and a sickkkk cello player at that. and an awesome accoumponeeist ps. lets play scatter next shabbat lol
AMKat » actually, no..I think that was all me...
Puchiko » (noun)- someone of great talent, personality, and kittyness. Used in a sentence: WOW IT'S AYELET!
RebecCat » ahhhhh!!! the EW248 was the code thing, speaking of the devil! What I'd MEANT to say was: hahaha Yay, you updated!!
RebecCat » EW248
AMKat » Yeah, I know that "Hi" was random. I was showing my mom the little "type-this-code-in-if-you-are-human" thing.
RebecCat » Hi.
AMKat » Hi
Fantabulous » OMG I have a guinea pig, too! Peter!
AMKat » Yup!!! She's really cute
RebecCat » ooohh, you got a new guinea pig??
RebecCat » Yeah... I totally forgot about that when I posted that. Or rather, I didn't forget because I didn't know it in the first place. I just thought that you needed a new comment here. Best I could do.
AMKat » a.k.a. St. Paddy's Day!
RebecCat » Happy March 17th everybody!!!
AMKat » YAY!! I'm SO GLAD!!
Puchiko » *hug* i LOVE the CDs! =D
AMKat » Because in truth, I actually don't listen to them...
AMKAt » Um...I actually never mentioned that I like Barenaked Ladies...can you tell me where I referenced them?
Longview » You're so weird (that's the immense comment) You act like this more in school. PS I didn't know you liked Barenaked Ladies. Their one of my favorite bands.
Longview » You're so weird (that's the immense comment) You act like this more in school. PS I didn't know you liked Barenaked Ladies. Their one of my favorite bands.
RebecCat » See my previous comment. =)
RebecCat » plz? (how do you make a hopeful face?) And Someone was me.
Someone » UPDATE
A.M.Kat » haha - my initial thought was "what...?" because I had no idea why you decided to "randomly" mention that. Scrolling down and seeing what **I** said actually helped...hehe.
RebeCat » I'm not sure how much conversation that made... but at least now the last comment isn't 2 weeks old. Or something like that.
RebeCat » Just to make conversation, because this tagboard needs to see some new entries (*coughcough*)... Max is my cousin's name. Max short for Maxsim.
AMKat » whoa...did I just say "to the max"?!
AMKat » yay!! terka = amazingly wonderful to the max!!
terka » lol, i'm commenting!
A.M.Kat » counted. (And gives me a whopping five comments...)
RebeCat » Why does this tagboard contain 8 comments from me, 4 comments from Ayelet, and 0 comments from everyone else? Huh?? Am I the only one who sees anything wrong with this picture? It's not MY blog.
RebeCat » ooooohhhhhh yeah. I told you I forgot.
A.M.Kat » jelly doughnuts is a major understatement, to say the least.
RebeCat » And I forget what sufganiyot are... I should know that. I'm sorry.
RebeCat » You should feel so accomplished. You posted!!!!!!!
RebeCat » wait, it is here. the question is why wasn't the thing showing it? Cuz i didn't scroll down... *shrug* I should shut up and stop annoying you. Right?
RebeCat » Did you delete my previous comment here or something?? B/c I am sure that I said "how are things going" or something like that on this tagboard. And I saw it here. Where'd it go??
RebeCat » how are things going?
A.M.Kat » *checking
A.M.Kat » OMG 5000+ hits!!!!! YAY! (Most of them are me, check whether my recoding comes out right, etc...but still!)
RebeCat » Thanks. I'll keep Ariana in mind tomorrow. Best wishes to you all.
A.M.Kat » I hath cleaned my tagboard.