Entry: gonflable Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Three hilarious quotes from Episode One of "The Kershenbaums at Dinner":


Ariana is making unintelligible, yet in no way muffled (e.g. loud as all HECK) noises...

Me:  Ariana!  PLEASE be quiet!

Ariana: No, thanks!



Mom:  Ariana could be a professional clown!

Me: Well, not so much a clown...maybe a comedian...

Ariana (sarcastically): Ohhh, what would I have to do? Change colors or something??

Mom and Liz: ???

Me: No, Ariana, that's chameleon.



Mom (calling off into the depth of our kitchen): Are you a moron from beyond the grave!?!

(I am not going to try to contextualize that one...it would take too much time...)

~ amk, local porcupine 



June 11, 2006   07:13 PM PDT
Wait, what does "local porcupine" mean?
June 11, 2006   07:11 PM PDT
I think the second one absoulty brillant. That's like, Lewis Black material!

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