Entry: timmeh Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Oh, by the way, I'm sort of thinking that this blog looks...well...ugh. So I may be performing some surgery on it soon, which may or may not involve a name change as well.

Just thought I should let you know, so that when you come back and find a lime green background with hot pink text and images that are not properly displayed, you'll know what's up.



August 3, 2006   12:40 PM PDT
hmm...interesting idea. i'm not veering too far from it, actually. well, sort of, but i did started with these colors before i read your comment. purple and yellow are inverses, which could cause some problems for visitors...
August 3, 2006   12:21 PM PDT
I'm interested to see what this'll look like...
oh, oh, how bout purple and yellow? It says "I'm royalty, but I still like to have fun"?
(I just made that up =) )

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