Entry: non-deciduous Tuesday, August 01, 2006

It's been a while, eh?

So we went to NH for an overnight, just kind of for the heck of it:

(During a hike...)

Mom (playing along with my sister's antics): "Whoa!! Ariana! Did you see those dragon tracks back there?!"

Ariana: "No, Mom, I drew that one.  Dragons live south of here."

The above was not followed by laughter of any shape or form.  Just matter-of-fact-ly stated.

And last but not least, my poem regarding some food that was eaten during the trip:


This is cheese
And this is not.
Put them together
And what have you got?
A sandwich made
Of cheese
and not.

Thank you.

~A.M. "FaceBook" K.


August 3, 2006   05:59 PM PDT
testing, testing...
August 3, 2006   12:14 PM PDT
What happened to this place? It got all...colorful! jK, it looks alright.
I like the poem,btw. It reminds me of A.A Milne.

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