Entry: organic karate Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Random thing from Sanna's LiveJournal (and she got it from Christina's...):

I Live.... for bowed strings.

I Work....as well as I can.

I Talk.... too much and not enough.

I Met.... my arch nemesis.  Actually not really, but it sounds cool.

I Wish.... for the entire world to accept Israel's right to exist.

I Enjoy.... jogging.

I Look.... odd.

I Find.... that I often take myself too seriously.

I Smell.... like Mufasa! (Inside joke...I just had to say it.)

I Listen.... to contemporary celtic roots folk rock chamber jazz. 

I Hide.... quite a bit.

I Walk....when I'm building up to/slowing down from running.

I Write.... poetry and prose.  My latest is an atrocious sonnet.

I See.... dead iPods.

I Sing....in my latest recordings.

I Laugh.... loudly, sometimes rather unexpectedly.

I Can.... kick your butt.

I Watch....people so i can learn about them before deciding to befriend them.

I Learned....that sometimes you can work really hard for something and still not be able to attain it.

I dream.... about really disturbing things, lately.

I Want.... to be b'simcha tamid.

I Cry.... when I am hurt.

I Burnt.... my hands accidentally in first or second grade.

I Read.... lots of stuff.  Currently, A Conspiracy of Paper by David Liss.

I Love.... music.

I Sometimes.... annoy the heck out of myself.

I Hurt.... my right index finger when I was setting up my lamp.

I Fear.... that what is happening in Israel will continue to happen for generations to come. What can you do with people that don't accept the fact of your existance?

I Hope.... for peace for my people.

I Break.... horsehairs on my bow.

I Eat.... lots.

I Quit....gymnastics, but I want to get back to it!

I Drink....on Shabbos.

I Save....old school projects from thjrd grade.  Well, I did until last week when I went through everything and got rid of them.

I Hug.... people that need hugs.

I Meditate.... when davening.

I Play.... fiddle, cello, guitar, mandolin, piano, DDR.

I Miss.... all of my friends!

I Hold.... my fiddle incorrectly.

I Forgive.... my family for getting on my nerves.

I Drive.... my sister crazy.

I Have.... a cello!!

I Don't.... have patience for morons.

I Made.... Mufasa die!

I Believe.... in the multidimensionality of Judaism.

I Feel.... rather ill, at the moment.

I Know.... that I should probably be doing my summer reading.

I Wonder.... when my sister will get a kidney transplant.

I Think.... about everything a bit too much,

~A. M. "The Ventriloquist" K.


July 23, 2006   06:21 PM PDT
Oh, that Mufasa.
Wait, what?
July 21, 2006   09:50 AM PDT
w00t!! Yes!!! Well, a rental cello. But 'tis mine for the playing! Ah, it is so amazing.
July 20, 2006   07:55 PM PDT
July 20, 2006   12:25 PM PDT
you mean to tell me that you've never seen the lion king??
July 19, 2006   03:32 PM PDT
Sorry you feel ill right now. Hope you feel better.
Out of curiousity, who's Mufasa?

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